Public-private partnership to boost the exploitation of big data

Innovation Fund Denmark launches DAnish Center for Big Data Analytics driven Innovation (DABAI). The aim of this initiative is to make Denmark a pioneer in exploiting the full potential of big data.

The vision of DABAI is to place world-class computer science Big Data analysis research and innovation at the core of an effort to seize opportunities in domains of importance to Danish businesses and society. With a 17 million Euro budget DABAI will discover Big Data-based solutions for issues such as predicting floods, ensuring more efficient patient journal handling and providing better traceability of foods over the next four years.

The partnership is organized in a “flower structure”, where a group of computer science researchers at Copenhagen University, Aarhus University and Technical University of Denmark with a strong track record of research and collaboration with industry will be part of the center.

Together with ambitious general Danish IT companies with Big Data competences (Systematic, Visma and BusinessMinds), as well as government institutions representing a range of public authority interests (Danish Business Authority, Danish Agency for Digitization, and the Central Denmark Region), they form the core of the flower under the coordination of the Alexandra Institute.

The partnership will develop general techniques and tools for Big Data analytics to be applied within a broad range of domains. The work in the partnership will be driven by practical cases with a large business and societal potential. The initial cases will be within Societal Data, Educational Data, and Food Supply Chain Data.


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