Food Supply Chain Data


SKOV develops and markets products for climate and production control and surveillance of key performance indicators such as temperature, feed and water consumption. The systems help farmers in daily management of production of poultry and pigs. SKOV´s systems have successfully been sold internationally for 20+ years. GainMax from DLG is based on continuously measuring the growth rate of pigs and visualizing this information for the farmer. The analysis compares performance of an individual farm with similar farms, and thus it is possible to closely monitor changes in growth patterns. Danish Crown has a very strong interest in increasing the effectiveness of the advice given as feedback to the pig producers. Combining data from the Combining data from the slaughterhouse with data from the farm gives a useful and tight data-loop suitable for optimization.

Case projects

Predicting the trajectories of fishing vessels

Predicting number of pigs ready for slaughter

Predicting ulcers in finisher pigs


The quality of data in the Danish food sector is very high and enormous amounts of historical data along the value-chain from farm to fork are readily available. Combining and analyzing these data forms both an optimization opportunity and a technical challenge. Furthermore, the sector envisages an increasing data flow by introducing new sensors and including real-time data.