Other Big Data activities involving partners in the center

The partners of DABAI are involved in a number of other centres, projects, networks etc. related to Big Data. The activities in DABAI will take place in synergy with these to ensure the best possible effect for Danish society and businesses.


Big Data by Security

The overall objective is to turn confidential data into business value without compromising on security and privacy.

Industrial Data Analysis Service

Access to new Big Data knowledge and technology for Danish industry by strengthening Danish research and education in Big Data science.

Network for Big Data and Business Intelligence

Network group in InfinIT - Innovation network for IT

Big Data Business Academy

The initiative aims to identify the growth potential of big data through partnerships with businesses, universities and advanced research and technology institutions.

Technologies and tools to exploit big data

Performance contract that aims to develop new services and benefits intended to help Danish companies to fully exploit the multitude of data or analytics capabilities.

Design and development of smart products and servitization

Performance contract with the aim to develop new technological services, which stimulate product and service innovation in Danish companies.

Digitisation and Big Data

Co-chairing The Danish Academy of Technical Sciences theme group.

Big Data Denmark

Administering Facebook site about Big Data activities going on in Denmark.

BDV - Big Data Value Association

Member of International Big Data organisation with the objective to boost European Big Data Value research, development and innovation and to foster a positive perception of Big Data Value.

Information Management and Business Intelligence

By use of advanced mathematical and statistical models Visma carries out objective analyses that identify patterns and structures of data.

Big Data project with the Danish Natural Environment Portal

Visma has made an analysis of drill hole data by means of Big Data technologies. The analysis revealed the largest water contamination in Danish history.

Center for Massive Data Algorithmics (MADALGO)

Basic research center funded by the Danish National Research Foundation.

Innovative Use of Big Data

The ambition is to make big data tangible and easy to understand for Danish small-and medium-sized businesses in the Central Denmark Region.