How to use DABAI

The aim of DABAI is to make Denmark a pioneer in exploiting the full potential of big data. In order to do this, DABAI offers a number of possibilities for additional companies and other organisations to exploit the possibilities for making use of data relating to their business. We offer different opportunities for cooperation:


Advice on possibilities in other big data activities

The partners are involved in a number of other activities related to big data. DABAI offers advice on the possibilities offered by these activities – see other big data activities for a description.


Membership of DABAI

A private or public company may sign up for four different DABAI memberships:


  • DABAI organises a yearly big data conference – the membership fee includes 3 free participants at the conference.
  • A consultation consists of 2 experts from DABAI that will visit the company and discuss the possibilities to explore (big) data. The outcome of such a consultation will be advice on how to proceed – this might e.g. be in the form of a workshop.  The partners are involved in a number of other big data activities that may provide opportunities for the company. A consultation is 3 hours on the company's location. Prior to the consultation, the company must provide a note about the situation with respect to using data – typically 3-5 pages. DABAI will elaborate suggestions for next steps based on the consultation.
  • A workshop consists of a full day where the company presents its data – either existing data or ideas of possible data to be collected. DABAI experts will present a number of cases from similar companies as inspiration. And DABAI experts will facilitate discussions about the possible use of data to create value for the company. The workshop will result in a small report on how to proceed – this might be in the form of a prototype case. Two experts from DABAI will participate and 5-10 people from the company. The preparation for a workshop should be planned during a consultation.
  • A prototype development consists of a joint mini project during 4 weeks where the company together with 2 experts from DABAI develop a prototype of a (big) data application based on data from the company. The preparation of such a case will be planned during the consultations and the workshops.
  • PhD students and post docs carry out a major part of the research and innovation in DABAI. By means of a Platinum membership, it is possible to fund a PhD project or a post doc project that carry out research related to the company's big data challenges. This may through a so-called business PhD or business post doc.  A company may fund part or a whole PhD or postdoc or a number companies may together fund a PhD or postdoc. If the membership only funds part of the PhD/postdoc., it is necessary to obtain the reaming funding from other sources.
  • Finally, it is of course possible to negotiate other models for membership of DABAI depending on the needs of the company.

The purpose of DABAI is to support research-based innovation – this means that the problems to be considered for workshops prototypes must require some amount of applied research.  Whether or not that is the case will be considered during the consultations and workshops.
Cases not qualifying as needing applied research, may be referred to some of the other activities that the DABAI partners are involved in. Obviously a PhD or post doc project must contain relevant research challenges related to the big data challenges of the company.

Finally, cases that can be solved using state-of-the-art knowledge about big data research and technology may be referred to commercial companies as possible commercial projects. Visma, Business Minds and the Alexandra Institute all offer commercial services within big data.



If you are interested in advice on possibilities in other big data activities or membership of DABAI you may contact Anders Kofod-Petersen.