DABAI information meeting in Copenhagen

Monday, October 29, 2018 - 15:00 to 17:00
Technical University of Denmark, Copenhagen, Building 324 room 240

We invite companies to join the DABAI Big Data Center for the next phase!

The partners behind DABAI are planning a next phase of the center and we will submit a new application to Innovation Fund Denmark in February 2019. We invite new companies and public organizations to join the consortium.

In the first phase of DABAI, we made several advances in algorithms, machine learning and visual analytics and applied those in several domains. In the next phase, we will take these advances to the next level and extend research themes, such as:

  • Developing secure distributed data management and analytics algorithms – Enabled by combining cloud analytics with edge analytics close to data source. Cryptography, identity management and secure communication are crucial to this.
  • Advanced deep learning on a broad range of digital media – Analyzing video, image, audio, text, with privacy preserving, robust and fair learning models.
  • Interactivity and transparency – Interactive visual analytics exploration of large data sets and trust supporting visualizations to make machine learning and other algorithms transparent and accountable for decision makers.

We may extend with new application domains to fit the needs of companies and organizations e.g. embracing domains such as healthcare, climate data and others.

At the information meeting we will present:

  • The current activities and results of DABAI
  • Initial plans for DABAI next phase  – which you will be able to influence
  • Benefits and requirements for companies and public organizations to join DABAI
  • Networking session with refreshments, where you can meet participants from the current DABAI


Register for the information meeting in Copenhagen HERE.

A similar meeting will be held in Aarhus 12 November 2018 at 15:00-17:00.


DABAI (DAnish Center for Big Data Analytics driven Innovation) is a public-private partnership, which has been running since March 2016 with support from Innovation Fund Denmark. DABAI boosts the research in big data analytics and makes Denmark a pioneer in exploiting big data in society and industry.

The knowledge organizations behind DABAI are the Alexandra Institute, DTU Compute, Departments of Computer Science from Copenhagen University and Aarhus University. In addition, more than 15 companies and public authorities participate. In its first phase, DABAI has undertaken research and developed tools for big data analytics aimed at use in a broad range of application domains. We have developed a number of big data products and services for the application domains: Societal Data, Food Supply Chain and Educational Data.

The companies participating in DABAI have estimated a total potential increase in turnover of 750 MDKK as of May 2018. Moreover, we see improved services for governmental authorities and the health sector. Thus, it has been a good business case for participants to join DABAI, and we strongly believe that your company or organization can achieve similar benefits. At www.dabai.dk you may see information about the participants and the organization of DABAI, and at www.dabai.dk/cases you may read about the ongoing R&D in DABAI.


Information meeting in Copenhagen 29 October 2018